Copper Falls Farm
Copper Falls Farm

Healthy Cows equals Healthy Beef

Copper Falls Farm is committed to raising healthy Lowline Angus cattle using all natural methods with no hormones. We believe healthy cows equals healthy beef for our customers. We also believe in knowing where your food comes from and welcome you to come visit our farm and see how we raise our beef.

About Us


Copper Falls Farm is a small local family owned farm that is dedicated in offering high quality, healthy beef. Our farm started out as just wanting to raise our own food that would allow us to know how our food was raised. After researching what breed of cattle we would raise, we decided we wanted to offer a locally raised option for our customers.

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Our Cattle

Copper Falls Farm is a breeder of Lowline Angus cattle. Lowline cattle are easier to maintain on grass, therefore our breed stock is on a grass only diet. 


We only feed grass and hay to our cattle. No grain is used to finish or maintain our cattle. This is a more natural diet for cows and feel it contributes to healthier animals.



Lowline Cattle

Please visit the official website of the American Lowline Registry!!!!